Thursday, November 12, 2009

Projects Progress

We had our ward super Saturday almost a week ago and I got a ton of projects completed. I can't show all of them because some of you lucky people are receiving them for Christmas presents. I wanted to show some of them though. I made FHE in a jar. It has a years worth of FHE plans. (If anybody wants it, let me know, Randy doesn't really like these kind of things)I made a new watch band for my watch
I made Lily a temple block for her room
Jacobs was Orange...of course.
Tyler's block. Now they all have their own temple pictures
Of course I can't leave out my Achievement Day project I did with the girls this week. I thought they turned out pretty cute. I bought these frames at the dollar store and printed out "My gospel Standards" they cut them out and glued them to ribbon and then put their name on the frame with the stickers. This is the one I made for Miranda who couldn't come. The girls can hang them in their bedrooms.this is the (never-ending) project I am hoping to get done today
This boy is sick And it makes this boy happy to have someone to play with during school hours
I'll keep you updated on projects to come. I have plenty of them.
Oh, and can't have a post without this face included.


britt said...

so darling! I love those blocks. It's a bit weird that my link still has a post from 2 months ago! (a bit of a topic change) I just noticed that. I've posted since then? I noticed it on someone elses too?
Anyway, so fun to get all those done!

Michelle said...

The temple blocks turned out so cute. I should have had you make one for Savannah too. She would have liked it. Oh well. Good luck with the laundy project. Mine is done-for today. :)

Ali said...

I like that they each have their own temple picture painted the color they would like. That is a good idea. Cute projects.

Amber said...

Yup, I'm like everybody else. I love love love the temple blocks. I'll have to call and get directions. The FHE jar is a cute idea. I'm interested to see if you actually like using it, not just looking at it (like me with my FHE assignment board). Way to be. I'm glad to see that you aren't some crazy over achiever and that something didn't get done while you were in project mode. I skip laundry too...heck, I skip laundry when my projects for the day involve something more than eating. Anyway.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Did you take the project on for painting the windows? I sure hope you did it it would be a great experience!