Friday, November 6, 2009

It's just a phase

Everything is just a phase. Good or bad, it won't last long. We should be grateful for the good times and thankful for the knowledge that the bad phases will soon pass.

Jacob refused to say a prayer for a couple of months. No prayers at dinner, no bedtime prayers...nothing. We have been consistent in asking, helping and encouraging him to do so. We even praise Tyler endlessly for his "really good prayers" Finally. the past few days have been full of prayers by our little Jacob. I sure hope this phase lasts longer than the anti-pray phase.

Lily, our sweet girl has begun a new phase of spitting while eating baby food (really irritating) and biting me while nursing. no, she isn't teething either, at least not that I can tell. When the boys bit me while nursing I would follow my mother-in-laws advice and flick their little cheeks and tell them no. This always comes with tears from both of us, but I only had to do it twice with Tyler and Jacob before they got the hint and stopped biting me. Lily on the other hand has proven much more difficult to break of this new habit. I flick her little cheek and she screams and bawls for an extremely long time. She is so dramatic about it you would think I had just cut her arm off or something. I don't do it hard, just hard enough to get her attention and shock her to keep from biting. She is showing me how girls are I suppose. Their feelings count for more than the pain inflicted. Unfortunately for me though my efforts have been fruitless thus far. I am willing to take suggestions on this nasty phase.
Here are some random pictures and videos of the phases right now.
Lily with her cute curly hair. (I guess the curls are growing on me.)

I caught Jacob in the closet. He said he was "working on his painting" I informed him that we don't "paint" on walls, doors, floors, etc. just paper he has permission to draw on.
another curly hair picture

She was saying Mama before I got out the camera (of course) and I don't know if you can see the next video because it is so dark, but It is of Tyler tickling Lily with his head on her belly. I love her deep (not so girly) laugh.

I look so HOT I just HAD to post this picture of me that Tyler took. at least I voted right? LOL


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

How can you not love and adore that face - I mean Jakey´s and of course Lily's

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

I´m looking at that picture again since it stands out so and I can´t help but laugh - thanks.

Michelle said...

The curly hair is growing on you! That is so funny!

Heidi Wimmer said...

I would flick Martin and Roxies cheeks and they would bite me hard until I would finally say No. They would both cry but it solved the problem is Martin..that and food I would feed him baby food instead of nursing when he would bite. Roxie I just take her off no matter how hard she cries or pulls on me. Good Luck... with the biting

Jessi said...

Heather, your kids look so much like you - especially their eyes! Way cute family... and I gotta give you props for posting your own pic, hahaha. I didn't know you were so artistic and crafty.