Thursday, March 25, 2010


Health is a state of physical, mental, (spiritual) and social well being. I'm trying to be healthy in all these aspects. I eat right (most of the time) I exercise and play volleyball twice a week. I am involved in church and our community, I read my scriptures everyday and say my prayers. My mental well being....Let's just say the kids don't help with that much. But I do try to stay as sharp as I can. But it looks Like I have a lot to learn from my little brother on his mission.

He's the one doing the push-ups.
Talk about multitasking. ;) Love ya Boot!


Michelle said...

That's funny! I was thinking about putting the picture on my blog too. Yours was wittier than mine would have been though.

Nessa said...

Priceless! :)

Michelle said...

whatever works. i've yet to figure it out but i think i'm getting closer.