Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm in Trouble

There is a store here in town called Hildi's Gifts. and they sell accessories for $1. Eight hair clips for a dollar! Can you really pass that up? And bracelets for me that I don't care if Lily plays with. Like I said. I'm in trouble.


Nessa said...

I hear ya. I went into Walmart today to get ONE thing and I saw a sale on girls shoes for Claire...each pair was a dollar! I am sooooo not telling how many I bought! Then Jax got jealous so I bought him a new shirt for Church...a jacket for Griffin...a book for Cade and a book for me. What happened to the ONE THING??? :)

Ali said...

I need to go shopping at that store! I guess I need to come visit ya.

The Hardy's said...

i would say you're more in heaven than trouble...i love stores like that!