Saturday, March 6, 2010

That's My Spot! I Called It!

Lily has found her own special spot. I see her hanging out there multiple times a day. It is the perfect size for her and she loves it.

Sometimes Jake thinks it is his spot too, but she will push him away if he bothers her.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Great place to enjoy the music!

Nessa said...

Love it!

Amber said...

The perfect place! I love her hair!!!

Michelle said...

I wish Levi's favorite spots were as safe as Lily's. Cute girl, as if you didn't know already. :)
And I love your chocolate bow. Your kids must not be crawling all over your counter like mine do.
I need to try that. No, I WILL TRY THAT. Good job. Ahhhh, wishing we were neighbors.

Heather said...

Oh Michelle, I wish we were neighbors too!!! Imagine the cool things we could do together!