Saturday, March 20, 2010

Holding my breath and crossing my fingers

Jacob has had dry pants for about 6 hours. I said it, does that mean that I'm jinxed now? He has pooped multiple times and peed in the potty without promptings consistently today. I didn't even have to change bed sheets last night. Randy was right there when Jake woke up this morning and congratulated him on having dry pants and asked if he needed to go to the potty. He did, but then about 20 minutes later he peed his pants. We have only "practiced" twice today and I hope we don't have many more practice sessions ahead of us. It is surprising how exhausting training can be. I did nearly nothing yesterday but train Jake and I fell right to sleep from physical but especially emotional exhaustion. So pray that I can go to church tomorrow without too much incidence. (As if church isn't hard enough already for me.)

p.s. for those of you reading who have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to practicing and dry pants inspections, etc. I use the book Toilet training in less than a day. I highly recommend it.


Lisa said...

I told Qatar I couldn't play with him because of the diapers I had to change. He never had an accident after that day. He trained himself. Zeke took two days and Cenny was about three, JT two and Gunnar was the worse we started to young with him.

Michelle said...

Thank goodness for experts who write books.