Friday, August 26, 2011

I may be a bad mom...

..but only to one of my kids. I did not take any photos of Tyler's first day of school for 2nd grade. I did, however, happen to snap a couple of photos of Jacob's first day of preschool. He got into the free preschool at Tyler's elementary school nearby. Can't beat that right? I have two free hours every single day.
The first photo is blurry.
Jake found his name-tag and was thrilled it was a blue sail boat.
I went to tell him goodbye, but he wouldn't acknowledge me. He was too busy playing with the clay. I don't think this boy will have any troubles adjusting to life at school.
Lily told me I should take her picture too. To me she looks like she is saying "what are we going to do now that Jakey's gone mom?" You can also tell Jake is in afternoon Preschool because Lily's hair is already falling out by mid-day.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Can't be too bad as you have great kids!

Michelle said...

She looks so big in that picture!
Hooray for two hours of free (me) time every day!!!! I am enjoying it too. Yay!

katester said...

Definitely can't beat free preschool! Must be nice only having lily for a few hours. Girl time!!

Michelle said...

Free Preschool? Everyday? That sounds like pure heaven.