Friday, August 26, 2011

Pictures of August

I didn't take many photos, but here is what i have of our visitors. We went to the Hollywood Connection in West Valley. We had a lot of fun together.Lily on the carousel
Jake on roller skates
Tyler LOVED skating. He stopped to talk to me and he said "Mom! I went all the way around the rink and I only fell SEVEN times!" I was laughing so hard.

Randy, Cenny, Qatar, Lisa and Paige (plus two random boys) all doing the chicken dance. Randy won the competition. He's bringing sexy back one booty shake at a time. :)
LilJake and aunt Lisa on the carousel
Lily with aunt Paige helping her out
Tyler on his noble steed
Cenny on the bumper cars.
Videos of the awesome dance/skate competition. So funny.
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Michelle said...

That sounds EXACTLY like Will when he went skating. He seriously fell every two seconds. I was so impressed he even kept going, let alone said he LOVED skating!

Amanda said...

Only 7 times huh? Way to keep getting up and trying again Ty!