Monday, August 29, 2011

Tyler's first day of school

OK, so it isn't his actual first day of school. It is the second week of school but the FIRST DAY riding his bike to and from school. He rode with some of our neighbors who also ride their bikes. It is his first time going to school without his mommy driving him. He was pretty excited about it too. I, however, have been a "nervous Nelly" all day long because I didn't know if he made it or not. Maybe tomorrow I'll be one of those moms who secretly follows him to make sure he makes it there safely. That's totally normal right?


Amber said...

I totally would follow one day if I were you. If only because I find it so fascinating to observe my kids when they are not directly in my care. I think it's interesting to see how they act when they "know" Mom's not watching. I bet he has this look on his face the whole way like "I'm so grown up and cool!" because hey-he is!

Michelle said...

Weren't you just claiming to be a bad mom in the previous post?
Good job letting him go to school by himself for the first time.

Lisa said...

Normal and freeaky all at the same time. Kids have lives that parents have no part in and that is something I've always had a hard time with. It will snow soon and then you can drive again.
I don't know if we ever grow out of that 'I'm so grown-up look what I can do alone.' stage of life.