Tuesday, September 6, 2011

There's a First for Everything

I have been driving for 12 years now. As of today, I can no longer say that I have never been pulled over by a policeman. Yeah, that's right, I was pulled over for speeding here in town. When the cop came to my window he asked how I was doing and I said "Scared. I've never been pulled over before."--and then proceeded to bawl my eyes out.--
I have always wondered what kind of person I would be if I were in fact ever pulled over. I wondered if I would try to talk my way out of the ticket, try and plead innocent by feigning misunderstanding or just be plain apologetic. I wouldn't have pegged myself as a blubbering baby. Now, I could say that the pregnancy and all its hormones are to blame for the crying, but I honestly don't know if that is right. I KNOW for sure that the hormones are liable for my inability to stop crying once I started. --seriously, I was still crying 1/2 hour after it all went down--
Apparently, The crying was to my benefit this time because he sent me away with a warning and he tried to console me by saying that he hoped my day would end up better than it had started.

12 years isn't too bad of a run and I can still honestly say that I have never received a speeding ticket (knock on wood).

Not that it matters much, but I was in a hurry to get Lily to a friend's house so that I could make my Dr.'s appointment this morning. I hadn't even realized I was speeding. I was busy talking to Lil's and wasn't paying attention. Yes, I was still crying when I dropped her off, but I had composed myself by the time I reached my appointment. FYI baby and I are doing fine, I heard the heartbeat again today and it is so much fun! I am feeling better lately, though I am still on medication for nausea. I made an appointment for my ultrasound next Friday, so stay tuned for photos and of course the announcement of it's gender.


Amanda said...

Nice- always good to have the first time getting pulled over. I was really apathetic when I was pulled over for speeding. Officer: Are you in a hurry? Me: Yes. Officer: OK

Comes back with a printed warning and reminds me to slow down.

katester said...

How different we are...I once had a misdemeanor on my record for speeding. I have attended two different traffic schools to keep my record clean. I have been granted two warnings, once when I cried due to college stress and the other time I was pregnant. Cops honestly are softys when it comes to pregnant women. I can honestly say I have not been pulled over since I was pregnant with sienna!!!

Lisa said...

It should have been Randy that is all I have to say

Michelle said...

I am a blubbering baby too if that makes you feels better. (And I'm not pregnant)

Joan said...

I think I know why you cried...you are allergic to cops! Actually, it is just my opinion, but I think it has something to do with wanting to please and to be obedient. When we do something wrong, even if it isn't intentional it makes us feel bad so we get emotional about it. Welcome to the club!

A Close Family said...

I was pulled over once too....and cried....and didn't get a ticket. That was when I was 16 and haven't gotten a ticket. Hope we are in the same boat for 12 more years :). Looking back it's a good story to tell :). Glad your pregnancy is going a little better. Hope you start feeling ALL the way better soon!