Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Potty Post

Things are going pretty well on day three of potty training. She seems to think that I should tell her when she needs to go rather than just feeling when she needs to go. BUT, I believe she is getting the hang of it. She didn't wet the bed last night, but peed her pants standing in the bathroom this morning. She has had one successful trip to the bathroom today; so the tally is 1 and 1. I have high hopes that she will have more success than accidents today! Wish her luck.
My little goober wouldn't hold still for a picture. Yes that's pen on her forehead. I'm THAT kind of mom.


Nessa said...

Oh the horror of potty-training! Luckily Jax and Finnegan were really easy (like less than a week), Claire was amazing (1 I'm not kidding!), and Cade, well I'm just glad that he doesn't still wear diapers because I was convinced that he would never get the hang of it! :) Now, there's just Griffin in diapers and I can't wait for him to potty train. Hang in there, she'll get it soon and then you can breathe easier! :)

Lisa said...

I don't miss that time in my life...Qatar was the easiest, he wanted me to take him to the park and I told hi I was too busy with the house and him in diapers..he looked at me and asked? If I use the potty can we go? Sure...he used the potty took off the diaper and never looked back. I wished they had all been that easy. Cenny is my most stubborn child and she had to have it her way or the highway...we did it her way.

katester said...

Have fun! I don't envy you at all right now because I know that will be me in about 6 months...maybe. Sienna was potty trained by age 2 but I might wait till 2 1/2 with Zaida. Good luck!
Congrats on having another girl! Perfect little family.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

good luck!
actually, i'm way late with commenting so i'm sure she's totally trained, but i just had to say that i totally agree with your previous post about having them "completely" potty trained.

for the first few days i put bennett in a pull up at night and not only was it expensive but it taught him he could go in his pull up when he was fully capable of holding it and getting up and going on his own if he needed to.

hope all is well :)