Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Girl

I was making her some lunch today (beef Ramen noodles-her favorite) and I couldn't help taking some pictures of my beautiful girl. She had recently had a bath and I had brushed her hair, but didn't do anything special to it for the day. I rarely leave it down because it gets so matted and gross by the end of the day. She was busy telling me that Daddy was at school and Tyler was at work- thinking this was absolutely hilarious.

I'm so grateful for this sweet girl. Here are some of my favorite things she does.
*She rarely stops talking. I know she isn't the only one in our family who does this, but when others watch her for me, that is the first thing they say "Wow, she doesn't stop talking does she!"

*She tells jokes all the time; they are mostly knock knock jokes, but if you don't say "who's there" then you are in big trouble.

*She absolutely LOVES going to nursery at church. I never thought I would have one of "Those kids" but it is fun to hear her excitement when we sing the closing song in sacrament meeting and she says "I go nursery now?!!!!" She honestly can't wait to get there.

*She is a little mama. She loves to take car of her baby dolls and makes sure they are OK multiple times a day.

*She is all girl. This includes mood swings. She is easily offended by things we do and say. If you don't talk to her nicely, she bursts into tears.
*She loves it when Jake and Tyler are at school so she can have some girl time with just the two of us.

*Her favorite things are: The color pink-anything pink is automatically hers. Fruit snacks- I can get her to do most anything with fruit snacks. Pizza, fish crackers, chocolate and ice-cream. she loves swimming or playing in the water and that includes baths. She loves her "blankie." She also loves her brothers. Luckily they also love her back. She loves the baby in my tummy and talks about it all the time.

What a great little girl we have!


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Yes she is a doll and so beautiful. We love all those things about her too except for the delicate feelings and sometimes get us in trouble.

Amanda said...

Love that girl!

katester said...

What a cutie! Gotta love little girls!

Jane said...

Can't get enough of this little girl. Maybe she can get a little sister?

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

look at her unbelievable hair! so so gorgeous!

this is hilarious because when we sing the closing hymn in sacrament bennett literally starts sobbing...i don't get it. he LOVES preschool but dreads nursery...sigh.

anyway, your lily is just lovely.