Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Willard Bay Pictures

My sister Michelle snapped some pictures of us, so here are some more from our fun Saturday.

Uncle Ben on the wave runner with Tyler and cousin Will.
My dad taking Jake on the wave runner. It was the highlight of Jake's day.
Tyler and Will playing on the beach
The cousins playing
Everyone was making fun of me for wearing a fleece Jacket on the beach. I was still cold from camping the night before...so what. That's normal right?
Randy on the front of the boat
Tyler playing with the rocks
I did eventually take off the jacket AND got into my swimsuit. I'm glad she didn't get a picture of me in my suit though.
Lily sat like this in the water a lot of the time. She loves the water
Jake was freezing cold in the water. See..I'm not the only one who was cold! What a cutie.

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