Friday, September 9, 2011

Boating at Willard Bay

Last weekend we went boating at Willard bay with my family. The night before, we actually camped out in the campground right there by the bay. I forgot my camera, so these are pictures my sister gave me.

Tyler on the tube with my sister Michelle.

Randy wake boarding.The cousins playing on the "beach" I love Lily in her little pink swimsuit.

Randy on the tube. I never actually saw him do it, but I heard he was quite the show off. At one point he stood up on the tube and jumped off doing a back flip. ...sounds like Randy.
Now, I have heard..mostly from Randy, that I'm a 'spoilsport'. But I honestly don't see the appeal of being dragged behind a boat. It is terrifying to me. I have been on the tube, I have tried wake boarding and water-skiing. I even got up on the water skis. I DO NOT enjoy any of these activities. No, I didn't try anything this time, I am pregnant after all, but even if I weren't, I can't say I would have tried any of these things again. I like being in the boat, just not going too fast and I hate being pulled behind it.

I have to say that it was fun to watch the kids enjoy the boat and the wave runner. Jacob especially loved going as fast as these could go. Lily wasn't too sure about going fast in the boat either. She kept screaming "Stop! stop! We go back! Is scary!" But of course Randy was driving and couldn't hear her. She did like it eventually and even fell asleep on my Dad's lap while he was driving the boat. It was fun to watch Randy wake board and then to watch my Dad water ski. We had a great time. Randy especially loved boating for the day.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

So much fun! Need better show off pictures.

Joan said...

Sounds like a very fun trip! Whose boat did you use?

Joan said...

ok, I just read Ali's blog and got the answer to my question. It was a rental.

Lisa said...

Looks like you had a good time. Hey when you have a minute could you write me a review of the book you were telling me about in August, just a review name of the book and author and stars out of 5 thanks and I know you have nothing better to do. HAHAHAHa;)

katester said...

I love boating and all the water sports. The water banana one is fun but scary to me. Too many people flying off at once is definitely unsettling to me. Glad you guys had fun!
I responded to your question on my blog..

Ali said...

So sad your a sportspoiler. I guess that means you guys won't be getting a boat anytime soon. We all had fun, though.