Friday, April 13, 2012


Tyler was chosen by his teacher as the CEO of his class. It stands for Chief Example to Others. The teachers only pick 4 people per year with this honor. One boy and one girl are chosen for each half of the year. They put on a "breakfast" to honor the kids and have the teachers tell the families why they chose each child to be their CEO. We attended the breakfast this morning with our family. The breakfast was prepackaged cinnamon rolls and some sort of desert type bread with juice. Not quite what I would call a breakfast. It's not worth eating if you ask me. Anyway, Tyler's teacher got up and talked about our wonderful Tyler.
This is what Ty's teacher said about him.

In case you can't read it, it says:

"Tyler is a chief example to others in many ways. He is always ready, respectful, responsible and safe when he is at school. He always gets A's in reading, math and science.
Tyler follows the school rules and classroom rules all the time. He is almost always the first student to come to my class. When he comes to the class he knows what to do. When he has finished his work, he doesn't waste his time to chat or color. He reads a book instead.
Tyler is very kind to other students. I have never heard any bad words or bad things from his mouth.
Tyler likes to play basketball. I hope in the future you will be the next Jeremy Lin, an NBA player who graduated from Harvard."

(I corrected the grammar in the teacher's note. She is Chinese and writes like she speaks. With her accent she is a little difficult to understand. )

He got a certificate and his picture on the wall in the hallway with all the other CEO's from other grades. for some reason I can't get the picture turned the right way. Congrats to our great little boy! We are so proud of Tyler! He works really hard and tries his best in school. We hope his good grades and determination continue throughout his schooling.

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Michelle said...

What an awesome honor. Must have pretty awesome parents :)

Love all the Easter pics too.