Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

This isn't really how I expected my birthday to be, but in my now 29 years of life, I have learned that you can always count on a few surprises along the way.

My little Lily bean fractured her radius from a fall off the bottom of the playground slide. Her loving daddy bought her some new dollhouse accessories to play with. Because new toys makes it not hurt so bad right?
She didn't actually fracture her arm today though. We went to Jake's T-ball game on Thursday night when she fell off the slide. She complained that her wrist hurt and we didn't think much of it because she didn't seem to mind. We headed up to Snowbird to stay at the Iron Blossam for two nights (Thursday and Friday) and I noticed that she was hardly using that hand at all. she would say it hurt but that was pretty much all she said about it. Randy and I decided that we should take her to the insta-care just to make sure it wasn't broken. But, Randy came home with a bandaged little girl all excited about a new bedroom for her dollies.
We are supposed to call on Orthopedic Doctor on Monday and take the x-rays to him so he can actually set the bone and put on a cast. Until then, we will just give her a little extra love and care.
Happy birthday to me!


Michelle said...

In other news, today is your 29th birthday! So happy birthday to you!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to you happy mend day to my Lily!! Been through that a time or ten most with Randy

Lisa said...

Gunnar broke his arm on a Friday and I made him do all of this jobs at home on Saturday. It wasn't until he came to us and said he couldn't lift the garbage into the garbage can because his arm hurt and wouldn't work, that we took him to the doctor.