Thursday, April 26, 2012

Conversations Overheard

I was listening to Jacob and Lily's conversation the other day. They were completely unaware I could hear them. 
Jake: Heavenly Father is our Father.
Lily: And Jesus is our DAD!
Jake: No, Jesus is not our Dad.
Lily: .....But Jesus loves us!
Jake: Yeah,...he loves us, but did you know that at night, Jesus protects us from ghosts?
Jake: But if Jesus dies then he can't protect us and we will all die from the ghosts.
Lily: Yep.


katester said...

I love eavesdropping on my kids and their conversations. They can be having a serious conversation about the craziest off the wall topic and both think it is entirely normal. Ha! Love it!

Nikki S said...

That totally just made my day, and terrified me (I'm scared of ghosts) all at the same time!