Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

We had a fun Easter celebration on Sunday with Alyssa's blessing, but I also tried to get some photos of all the kids in their new church clothes. It didn't go so well, but I did the best I could.

I finally got Tyler to sit down and actually smile and I got a good picture, but it is blurry....of course.Jacob didn't want to smile for me either, so I made him laugh, but he tends to rock back and forth while he laughs.

Thanks Lily! Beautiful girl!
Her hair turned out so cute! It only cost me two packages of fruit snacks and the Twix she is holding. :)

Alyssa was in cahoots with her brothers and didn't want to take a photo. Either that or I had changed her in and out of two different dresses and had spent too much time taking pictures of her in the blessing dress. But this is what I got.

The girls in their matching dresses! So fun.
This would have been good without the pacifier.
Big sister helping out.
Tiny painted toenails to match.
the chocolate cake I made to take to my mom's house

And just for Lisa, I'll throw in a picture of Gunnar and Lily enjoying a nice beverage. Lily LOVES Gunnar!
The kids had an Easter egg hunt outside. Here is Lily with her pink eggs.

Tyler and Will showing off their eggs. Yes, the sun in Tyler's eyes makes him look a little "special"
Lily would not share her candy with her mother.
We had a great time! My mom also put together a Family Feud game that we all played. My team lost, and I blame Gunnar. Just kidding. It was really fun!


Michelle said...

What, no pics of our matching shirts? It was such a fun party, and I am salivating a little looking at that cake again. Seriously, you should sell them.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

No if she was selling them she wouldn't want to make them for us and then would be terrible! The kids all looked so cute.