Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Today's Agenda

8:30 AM: Wake up (late) and get the kids ready and eat breakfast for school.
8:45 AM: Run Ty and Jake to school.
8:55 AM: Finish feeding Lily and Alyssa (and myself) breakfast
Clean up breakfast/kitchen
9:30 AM: Put baby down for a nap
Continue cleaning and get lily dressed and hair done.
10:30 AM: Pick up Jake from Kindergarten
10:45 AM: Go to playgroup and hangout with other mommies who are also going mad.
Try to enjoy some mommy time, but end up with a screaming Lily who cut her ankle. She wants to go home. Entertain Jacob by constantly giving him ideas of what to do with the other children. Feed Alyssa cheerios and help her avoid getting hit in the head by the basketballs flying around.
12:30 PM: Pick up Tyler from school (because it's raining)
12:45 PM: Make and feed everyone (5 of us) lunch.
1:15 PM: Put baby down for another nap
1:30 PM: Get Lily and Jake to have a "quiet time."
1:30 PM: Enjoy MY quiet time by catching up on the 'Parenthood' episode I missed last night and fold laundry while I watch.
Clean up and chat on the phone with my sister. Fix lily's hair for dance.
2:45 PM: wake Alyssa early and take Lily to her ballet dress rehearsal.
Come home and nurse Alyssa and read to Jake.
4:00 PM Send Tyler to scouts
4:00-4:30 PM: get everything ready to leave for the night (or blog for a few minutes. :))
4:45 PM Go pick up Tyler from scouts, pick up Lily from dance
5:00 PM: Hopefully on the road to pick up Randy from work.
Pick up something cheap for dinner
6:30-6:45PM: Be seated and ready for Uncle Ben's basketball game at Weber state.
Enjoy the game. Hopefully not too much whining and boredom from the kids because their cousins will be there.
9:00PM: Head home for an hour and a half. Hopefully with happy/content children! I said "hopefully!"
10:30 PM: Feel guilty for getting the kids home late on a school night. Usher them to bed through the screaming and late night tantrums. Nurse baby again.
11:00PM: Enjoy a few minutes of alone time with Randy before we both collapse from exhaustion.
 Sleep. Repeat some of the same tomorrow. 


Michelle said...

on the bright side your baby takes naps :)

Heather said...

Haha! Yep she does take naps!