Sunday, December 9, 2012

Uncle Ben and UVU

Last week uncle Ben invited us to the UVU kids night. It was SO much fun!
As we walked in they handed each of the kids their own basketball and UVU T-shirt. They also played ball with the kids. They had dinner and fair type games for the kids to play for prizes. Lily liked watching the dancers and cheerleaders.
 They were able to have the entire men's basketball team sign the balls.
 She was so excited to get her own ticket to the game the next night.

 Uncle Ben at the end of the line signing balls.

 This little one was having fun crawling around too.
 Lily and Jake playing around with their new stuff.
 All the stuff we walked away with. I love the little onsies they gave to the babies!
 I had to take a picture of Tyler making our gear look "just right" fr the picture.
 Here are couple of pictures from the pepperdine game the next evening. Alyssa liked her new shirt and enjoyed watching everything.
 Daddy and his girls. (Alyssa has found her nose and her finger is usually up there.)

 Lovely Lily.

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