Monday, December 24, 2012

Tyler's 9th Birthday!

I know I say this every single year, but WOW! time flies so fast! My sweet not so little Tyler turned nine on the 19th of December. He woke so excited that I had to take his picture.

It feels good to be nine!
He didn't have school that day either. It was our first day of winter break and he thought that was all kinds of awesome.  He invited his best friend Jack over and before we headed to uncle Ben's basketball game, we opened his one and only present.

Yep, it is his very first gun. A pellet gun actually. (Tooele must be rubbing off on us)
He loved it and only had a few minutes to admire it before we headed out for the basketball game.
Uncle Ben won the game, but I didn't take any photos for some reason. Jack had a good time as well. We got some free balls and Lily got a hat in a raffle that she LOVES. She also refused to give it to Tyler even though it was his birthday.
We weren't able to eat his birthday cake on his actual birthday, but I did make a cake and we ate it the next day. He wanted a 'Minecraft' cake. It is his favorite computer game and he even spent his own $30 to buy the game a few months ago. This is a 'creeper' from the game. Or, at least, my interpretation of it. hahaha. It was quite the fiasco getting the cake done. At one point Lily's elbow went through it (after it was frosted). Maybe you can tell on the bottom left hand side? It made Tyler happy so it was worth it in the end.

Tyler is sweet and caring and getting kinda crazy (in a nine-year-old kind of way). He makes us laugh. He is great at helping me out whether it is taking out the trash, getting a door for me or watching his little sisters. He is a wonderful blessing in our family. He adores reading, doing math problems, drawing comic strips, writing his novel on the computer and most of all, hanging out with friends and/or dad playing X-box games. He likes shooting now too! Happy Birthday Tyler! We love you to death honey!

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