Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Family Pictures

While we were in Minnesota for the reunion, we had our family pictures taken. It wasn't an easy task either considering there were about 35 of us. Here are some of the pictures she took. You can see the other families and their pictures at

Let me know what you think.
Here is our family
Rick and Eileen with their kids and spousesThe whole group
The whole group again. you have to click on it and look at my face...awesome.

And last but not least, Randy and his family.


dave, catie, and baby b. said...

these are beautiful.
and the kids are all being so
good and looking at the camera
in the big family one...i had a photo shoot sunday and it was REALLY tricky trying get a huge group of kids cooperating.

the style is very summer-y, i love it.

katester said...

Great pics! your trip looked like lots of fun. Glad you got to go.

Stephanie said...

Cute pictures! Family pictures are so hard to do, but so worth it when they're done. I'm glad you guys had fun on your trip!

Amber said...

I LOVE the pics. Heather your hair looks SO PRETTY. It always does..but I just had to say that you look great...well yes, even with the crazy eyes. I'm still laughing. I love the one of you and your 3 cute kids. It's awesome! Miss you!

britt said...

so so cute!

Ali said...

That's a good photographer. I like your individual family picture. It's too bad Jake isn't smiling, but I still like it a lot. You look good in it.

Amber said...

Those look SO nice. We need to do some of your side while we're there. Not necessarily a professional, but we could replicate some of those poses. And we've got a great camera (as do you and Amberly and Ali too I think). Anyway. I really like the one of your small fam.