Monday, July 19, 2010

Road Trip day 9-10

We stayed the night in Keystone, SD in a little motel. at the base of Mt. Rushmore. So we got up in the morning and headed there. We ate breakfast in the cafeteria, looked in the museum and hiked.
Randy and the kids in front of the flags
Lily and I waited for the boys to hike the "presidential hike" she wasn't cooperating with my photo shoot. This is the best I got.
Me and lily bean.
Me and the kiddos.

One of the tunnels we drove through in the black hills
Jake and Ty. you can barely see Mt. Rushmore in the background.

We were driving around the black hills and we saw a sign that said there was a hike to a waterfall so we stopped and started hiking. It was a little bit longer than we had planned to hike, but it was a lot of fun albeit a little more difficult because Jake a Lily couldn't hike very well so we had to carry both of them the whole way.Lily at the falls
Randy and Jacob and Lily at the end of the hike.

Lily wanted only Tyler to hold her hand while she walked. She loves that boy.

Day 10
We stayed the night in Spearfish and Drove to Devils tower, WY the next morning.

the kids look super excited
Randy with the boys in front of Devils tower.
We hiked around the whole tower and filled in the boys' Junior Ranger pamphlet so they could earn a badge. It was slow going, but we hiked the whole thing.

The family. Hot and sweaty. Makes you want to get in a car together and drive. :)

We drove a little bit out of our way and went to Little Bighorn Battlefield National monument. It is in Montana; 149 miles out of the way to be exact. But it was really fun and interesting to hear the story and see actual places where real people had fallen in the battle. I found it interesting to hear more of the Indian side of the story than Custer's. He sounded like an idiot. you really feel bad for the Indians and what they had to go through. They won the battle but lost the war.

Me and the kids again.Lily and Jake out by the Tepee
The boys excited to get their Junior Ranger badges and certificates to go along with the one from Devils tower. We had to work a lot harder for this one though. We drove some more and spent the night in Billings MT.

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