Sunday, July 11, 2010

Road Trip day 4: The Reunion

On Saturday we went to Lisa's (Randy's sister) house and had our "official reunion" day. We had hot dogs, snow cones, chips, played in the bouncy-house, watched family videos and talked all day long. It was hot and humid but it was really fun.Enjoying the snow cones
Lily loved the laffy-taffy she found after the pinata was broken.
you can see the shirt Rick and Eileen made for the reunion. it says 1+1=33 2/3 and has stick figures of all of us
Jacob and peter, who are born only 5 days apart, found out they were "best friends" they had a great time together.

The snow-cone machine and hot dog machine they rented
the bouncy house the kids couldn't stay away from.
Everyone just hung out and talked. It had been 7 years since we have all been together.

Lily absolutely loved the bouncy house...almost as much as she loves her brother TylerShe did this pose when I came to take a picture. Isn't she so pretty? hahaha
I painted my toes for the fourth of July. yes, they are sloppy, but it was still fun.
Randy and his siblings Steve and Heidi. They are holding their three baby girls

Randy rocking the hula-hoop
The three baby girls Roxy, Eliza and Lily
Feeling loved by everyone

After a great day of hanging out, we headed to the park to watch the fireworks. Jacob fell asleep on the way there and because he played so hard, he didn't wake up when we walked to the band shell. We handed him to Lisa to hold. It was so sweet to see him sleeping in her arms. Lily, however found it equally amusing and took the opportunity to "mess with him" as best she could. she stuck her fingers in his nose. It was pretty funny.
Lisa also provided the group with a plethora of glow in the dark paraphernalia. She must have bought out the whole dollar store. The kids loved making different things hang on themselves.
Lily in her glowing necklace and 'tiara'
Jake woke up and I showed him the globe we made him.Checking out the fireworks.
Tyler showing us his stuff.
Our whole group glowed. It wasn't hard to leave and then come back and try to find where we were sitting. It was awesome.

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