Sunday, July 11, 2010

Road Trip 2010

Late last night we got home from the "Great Bremner vacation." There is a lot to tell from our trip in the last 10 days so I will start with our first two days.
Early in the morning on July 30Th we packed the kids in the van and headed to Minnesota for the Bremner Family Reunion. We drove for 12 hours that day. It was a long day and lily had a very hard time sleeping in her car seat. She is used to sleeping on her tummy without anyone else around and it made for a lot of screaming until exhaustion takes over and forces sleep on her.Lily at the beginning of our journey

Lily was crying and as soon as I turned on the camera, she stopped. But if you look close you can see tear filled eyes.

.Sleep FINALLY took over after a 40 minute scream fest...and lasted about 15 minutesJake fell asleep with his shades and headphones onOur happy Ty.
We stayed at a Ramada Inn in Kearney Nebraska the first night. Luckily we didn't find this little guy on our wall until the morning. Otherwise I wouldn't have slept a wink that night.

Randy loves his picture taken
She finally fell asleep on the second day. So nice!

Randy made me take a video as proof that the children didn't scream the whole time.


Lisa said...

We were glad you came to Minnesota. We all yelled Yeah!!!!!

Jane said...

I'm glad you had a few sane moments. Yea for family trips and good memories.