Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Road Trip 2010 Days 5-7

day 5 (the 4th of July) we attended church in Austin. It was pretty good. I played the piano in Relief society for the first time in my life-thanks Eileen. It went OK I guess. I was shaking pretty bad, but I think I only messed up a couple of times. After Church, we went to Vanessa and Eric's house (Randy's cousin and his wife). They are freaking awesome by the way. Vanessa needed to make some cakes for Cenneidigh's (yes, I looked up how to spell her name) b-day party later that day. Vanessa asked me if I would come help her decorate them. She doesn't need any help--believe me- but I went anyway. I had a ton of fun she made the cakes and the frosting and I got to just decorate. It was so much fun talking and laughing with her in the kitchen while the kids played in the other room. After the cakes were finished we headed back to the church and had Cenny's party. It was a lot of fun.

On DAY 6 Randy and I dropped off the kids with Rick and Eileen and headed to Minneapolis. Kristi, her girls and Paige also left with us. We went to the Walker Art museum because we had been wanting to go see it for a while. Unfortunately, none of us had looked up when it was open and sure enough, it was only open Tues-Sunday. We were there on Monday of course. Instead of touring the museum like we planned, we walked around the sculpture gardens. Randy and I had been there before, but a little bit had changed and it was still fun. After the gardens we headed for the Mall of America. We ate a long lunch and talked. Afterward, we split up with Kristi and Paige headed for the airport to go back to Alaska. Randy and I walked around the mall. I had a list of about 5 things I wanted to buy, but it was nice to take it slow and just browse most of the time. I think we walked around the whole mall and I had a couple of blisters on my feet to prove it by the end of the day. It was really nice to have a whole day without the kids. Thanks again Rick, Eileen and Amanda for your help with that.

Day 7
we wanted to take it easy and have a slow day in Austin. So we headed to the SPAM museum. Rick, Eileen, Amanda, Heidi (and her family) and Micah with her family joined us. here are some fun pictures.

Jake and Tyler with 'Spammy'

Jake and Peter 'making some SPAM' together

Randy and Tyler liked packaging the SPAM as well.
The SPAM cans on a conveyor belt above us. Tyler thought it was pretty awesome.
Lily dressed as a Hormel worker
Tyler dressed up too. Jake would have none of that.
All the kids-minus Tyler by Spammy after we toured the museum. We spent entirely too much money in the gift shop, even with the family discount, but we love our T-shirts and other souvenirs. After the museum we headed to Piggy Blues BBQ-which seemed fitting after the museum- for some lunch with Heidi and Doug.
Lily in front of the restaurant
Jake on a pig
Jake on another pig. He loved them for some reason.
Tyler through a pig.
After lunch I went back to Micah's house and we put Lily down for a nap while I did some laundry. Randy went to clean out the car, go for an oil change and we also had to buy new tires for the van
Peter and Jacob playing a game
Tyler playing battleship with Gideon
All of us hanging out
Randy being attacked by children
Lily bean
Randy playing with the SPAM basketball we bought for Jake at the museum--and lost somewhere in South Dakota. Tyler, Rick and Gideon
After all the laundry was done and nap-time over, everyone came to Micah's and Rick watched all of the children while the adult went out to eat. We had a fun dinner together with Eileen, Kristi, Karl, Micah, Amanda and Eliza. Lisa was sick so she couldn't come. It was a nice slow semi-relaxing day for us.


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

you did a great job playing the piano at church I thought you did it all the time! I forget about you Utah people having so many people to do those types of things we have very few.

Sara said...

How fun! It looks like you had a great time.

I always think of Randy when I see Spam at the store. The plant looks pretty cool.

Nessa said...

We LOVED seeing you guys and we think you guys are 'freaking awesome' too!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

wow what a fun trip!
your oldest boy looks like he is getting so big!

and the spam museum? awesome.

Grandpa and Grandma B said...

Thanks for coming - it was so great to have the whole family together.