Sunday, January 27, 2008

"We Thank The, O God, For A Prophet!"

It is weird how sad and happy a day can be at the same time. I am sure a lot of you agree with me when you heard that president Hinckley has died, and it truly breaks your heart and you also feel so happy when you think of the Joyous homecoming in heaven taking place right now! What an interesting feeling it gives you. I truly don't know whether to cry or laugh with happiness.

I thought I would just tell a couple of my very favorite "Hinckley moments." I have been lucky enough to have seen him a number of times, and always what I think of when he comes to mind is the feeling that I get. The spirit is so strong it is indescribable. I think of how he adds humor to very spiritual and serious conversation and him... you know, hitting people with his cane.

My all time favorite memory is when we went to Stake conference as a family. I can't remember how old I was. Probably in Jr. High though. Before the meeting started, my little brother Ben needed to go to the bathroom and I volunteered to take him. As we were walking out, we decided to get a drink, so we were waiting in line by the drinking fountains. Ben said to me "Hey, there's the prophet!" and I said (without looking) "No Ben, the prophet isn't here, it is Stake conference." He insisted, so I glanced to my left and to my surprise, there he was! President Hinckley, The prophet, was walking down the hall and had just passed us! I'm not sure why he came to the meeting, but I remember that it was the coolest thing ever to have the Prophet sitting up there so close to us.
He has said so many things that have touched my heart, that I can't really say them all. All there is to say is that I will always remember my "Hinckley moments" and I am glad I have had the opportunity to have them. I guess the title says it all "We thank the, O God, for a Prophet!"

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tyler says

Randy and I were in WalMart (again) and we were trying to hurry, so we cut through the women's section through the lingerie and we passed a very risque item especially for WalMart. I said to Randy "you like this sweetie?" totally joking. Tyler looks at me completely serious and says "that's just not right!, that's just not right!" and shakes his head from left and right silently saying shame on me.

Aha moment!

So, as a lot of you know, I have started doing water aerobics since the beginning of the year. I have lost 8lbs so far! Yeah yeah good for me. Anyway, Randy has been very supportive of this new activity. He is a very supportive caring guy, and I know that he just wants me to be healthy and happy; but today I figured out why he actually pushes me to go! and the reason is....da da da da!...because I shave my legs so much now! and not just to the knee either! I shave the whole friekin leg!(you know what I'm talking about ladies! And married men do too unfortunately!) he always said it didn't matter too much, but now that I am shaving everything on a regular basis, I see that the truth comes out in his happy little face! I guess it is good that water aerobics makes us both happy!

so for all male readers, if you want your wife to shave her whole leg all the time; (and not just to the knee for church on sunday), try telling her how much Heather likes water aerobics and that she should give it a try!

For all those female readers: what is better than getting ready for swimsuit season than having to wear a swimsuit all the time!? Plus, it is actually a good workout, with weight training and everything, not just... you know, old ladies walking in a circle and stretching their arthritic joints.

mourning the loss of a tip :(

You know when you are chopping vegetables with your wonderful knife set and you tend to chop really fast (just because you can) and your sweet boy comes up to you and you look at him for just a second and when you look back at the vegetables you notice a sharp pain and also that the tip of your finger is missing? Yeah, I wish I didn't know that feeling either! Once I got the bleeding stopped (which took a lot longer than I would have thougt) I really checked it out and found that it was a pretty clean cut. No, I did not go to the doctor. what would the doctor do anway that I can't do on my own? It is bandaged and clean, and now I just have to wait for the gift of healing to take place. My poor little pointer finger! I miss the tip! it is the best part you know.

Let's see... some silver linings for this situation would be.... aaah, If I didn't have really sharp knives it would have been a jagged messed up cut instead of a clean one and I would have gone to the doctor and spent a lot of money. Oh, another silver lining... at least I am not mourning the loss of a beautiful fingernail too! I don't have much when it comes to fingernails.

some advice for anyone with children or even distractions in their home; chop wisely!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jakey Jakey bo bakey....

This is what Jake looks like thanks to the book Good night sleep tight by the sleep lady. It has seriously saved my life! He was waking about 4 or 5 times a night (yeah I know!). I learned that I needed to teach him how to put himself back to sleep and comfort himself without mommy. Now he sleeps about 11 hours and takes two wonderful naps during the day! Wahoo! thought I should give the book a shout out in case anyone out there is in some dire need of sleep. get this book! It totally helped me.
Now Jake is such a happy boy! He is so much more well behaved and now, instead of having to carry him all the time, he can make trouble with Ty! Isn't he cute though! His hair is so curly!
p.s. Thanks Michelle for recommending the book to me!

My Three Boys!

I just thought I should show a recent picture of my handsome boys! you would think I would have noticed when I help Tyler get dressed and stuff that he has an oversized right hand though!:) I love it!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tyler Says

We went to WalMart today (shocker!) and as we were walking in, Tyler asks me if he can please wear my gloves. I oblige. as we are leaving WalMart, this is what he says.

Ty: ha HA! I am a genious!
Me: oh yeah? why?
Ty: I don't have to wash the WawlMart germs off my hands when we get home becase I wored your gwoves! I am weewee smart today mom!

Anything to get out of washing your hands right? How did I get such a smarty pants for a son? Do you think he will grow up having to wear rubber gloves all the time because he is a germaphobe? or will he just have really dirty hands?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Magic Helicopter Gun!

So, Last night was a little crazy! Our power went out around 7:00pm and we had a huge windstorm here in Tooele. The wind kept us awake most of the night, not to mention it was freezing with the power off. we awoke to find that most of our neighbors had some damage to their fences and some had their siding ripped off their houses. Most of us had shingles blown off our roofs although it was hard to tell because of the snow on top of everything. a bunch of power poles had snapped as well (an obvious reason why the power was out) Our power did come back on around 9:00 am, so that was about 14 hours total.

The funny thing was what Tyler told me yesterday afternoon before the wind really hit, but was still gusty.
Ty ran up to me and said "mom! mom! My helicopter gun is magic!"
me: "really? why do you say that?"
Ty: "come look!" He points outside our front window. "I just shot my helicopter gun at that darbage (garbage) can and it fell down! and then I shot that one and that one, till I shot all the garbage cans to fall down! then I shot other things and they moved too! My helicopter gun is magic mom!"

nothing like the wind to make a little boys dream come true! :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tyler Says

So I was having a discussion with Ty about sucking his thumb today. Here are some excerpts from our conversation.

Me: "How old do you think you should be before you stop sucking your thumb?"
Ty: "Well, I think that you can be three, but not four. I am four, but when I suck my thumb I think I am three. ... so that's ok!"

a little bit later..

Me: "what can YOU do to help you not suck your thumb?"
Ty: "Well, I could put a bucket or a bowl on my head!" He leaves and comes back with a big green bucket over his head. "see mom! I am not sucking my thumb!" (the slight echo made an extra nice affect I think!)

Oh my goodness! suggestions anyone?