Saturday, May 31, 2008

Girls weekend in Park City

Last weekend I went with seven of my friends to Park City where we stayed in a condo overnight. We had SO much fun! We went to Cafe Rio and ate then went to the condo and played games and talked all night. The next day we went shopping at the outlet stores and five of us got pedicures. It was my first one and although it was a little too much for me (I giggled out loud and shook violently because I am so ticklish) I thought it was well worth the money and my (ugly) feet have never looked so good. After shopping and more shopping, we went to dinner at Biaggis in Salt Lake and saw the movie "Baby Mama" later that night. It was such a fun girls weekend! I can't wait until next year to do it again. Hopefully with all the same people, well, except two of you. Can you guess who you are? Just kidding! Love you all.
My Favorites:

Meal eaten: Biaggis italian restaurant
game played: Loaded questions
Quote taken out of context: Tina: "I've done four three-hundred pound guys and it wasn't that hard."
Dare: Walk into a store and every time you hear the bell ring on the door when someone walks in you have to "Ding" really loud.
shopping partner: Wendy, because she is VERY entertaining (you know what I'm talking about)

Girls weekend in Park City!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tyler says...

Today I was making lunch for Ty and Jake and I asked Tyler what shape he would like his peanut butter sandwich in. He usually replies with something like two triangles, four triangles, two rectangles..etc. but today his reply really messed with me. here is our conversation:

Ty: "Mom, I want a circle face with no eyes or nose, JUST a mouth!"
Me: "Uhhhh... I can't do that, what about just a circle?"
Ty: "Well, no...I guess you can just do a dinosaur face that hops instead."
It took me about twenty minutes, but I finally got him to let me do a butterfly.
Pretty isn't it! It's too bad he knows I like to be creative with food. But sometimes I just want to make a sandwich and be done. you know?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

And so it goes...

You know that feeling you have in the winter when you wish it was summer and then vise versa when it is summer? Well, Luckily when you live it Utah, you don't have to even think those kind of wishes. Two days ago it was 90 degrees outside. We went to the park and as Tyler and I walked back from the bathroom he looks up at me with his sweaty little head and says "Mom, what degrees is it outside today?" I told him 90 degrees and he says "uuugghhh, well that is too many degrees to be pwaying (playing) outside." I heartily agree! Today as I write this it is literally snowing outside and I am freezing. Our house is 64 degrees inside and I am debating whether to turn on the heater again. CRAZY! I guess I shouldn't pack up our winter clothes just yet. At least thanks to Lisa...and David I have lots of options when it comes to clothes. Here is to wishing it isn't whatever it is outside.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Today we passed our second inspection for the basement and I am proud to say we passed! We just got the insulation finished so now we can start sheet rocking! If anyone out there in blog land would like to help us with that, it would be much appreciated. We plan to have a little dry wall party in the near future. I promise I will provide food and drinks and try not to get in the way for those who will help us with this feat.

Spray foam insulation

We put in spray foam insulation and then the batting put over it. Hopefully we will be nice and toasty in the winter.

Wahoo for Randy!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dave Ramsey Live Event!

For all of you who were jealous of me going on the cruise, you should also be bummed that you didn't go to the Dave Ramsey Live Event at the E-Center yesterday. It was awesome! "common sense for your dollars and cents" just makes sense you know? We went with our friends Wendy and Joe and had a fantastic time. It was from 1-6pm. Which is a way long time, but totally worth it. The tickets cost $35 a piece for the cheap seats which we had of course. We got there just over an hour early and Randy scored us some pretty good seats. I saw Dave Ramsey in person! He is one of my hero's, so this was huge for me. I had already talked to him, if you recall, on his radio show in 2005 when I screamed that Randy and I were DEBT FREE! He has also answered three of our e-mails on his radio show. He has changed our lives financially and if you haven't heard me ranting about him, you probably have not been around me for very long. It had all the aspects of a good show; it was funny, touching, motivating and educational. The show sold out, so he is fast becoming more popular in Utah. If he ever comes back, you have to go! It is so worth it. If you want more information about him, you can click on Dave Ramsey in my "favorite websites" and it will go to his homepage, or you can come over to my house for a lengthy conversation and borrow a copy of his book. Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the boys for so long, so I could go and see Dave!

The book that has changed our marriage and has given us financial freedom. Read it!

None of the pictures I took of Dave worked, so I took a picture of the screen behind him.

Joe, Wendy, me and Randy

Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Forever in Blue Jeans"

Ahhh, Sweet Randy singing Neil Diamond Karaoke style. It doesn't get any better than that does it! I'm sad I didn't video tape his little strip tease during his performance though. I'll have to get that from Ali. Sorry it's not the greatest video. I was pretty far away from him. Hope you enjoy the snippet anyway.

My head is still spinning

Even though I have been home for five days now, I can still feel the boat rocking. Crazy! I even fell down at McDonald's on Monday afternoon when "A big wave hit me." That is the one part of the cruise I was hoping to leave behind. Sigh...oh well, I guess I'll just give the description of what we did on the ship the last four days.

OK, lets see... on Wednesday, we went to Mazatlan. We rented a van for the day for I think ten dollars a person. Mom and Dad, Amberly and Spencer, Grandma, Ali and Ben and baby Alonzo, Boot and Randy and I all squished into the van and took a tour of Mazatlan. Our Driver was nice and he spoke English pretty well. We got to see all of "old" Mazatlan and my favorite part was seeing the Cathedral. I would have taken pictures, but it made me uncomfortable to take photos while people were in there praying. It was a really neat Cathedral though. We also visited the market where all the locals shop. That was fun except when I saw the meat part of the market which was gross. Then we toured and saw all of these newer mansion type homes. that was boring. After that we went to lunch at a very pricey restaurant. Randy and I got an appetizer to share because we didn't want to spend twelve dollars a person to eat. While the rest of the family was eating, we tried to find our driver to take us to the shops so we would have time to shop and then hit the beach, but he was nowhere to be found, so we got stuck waiting for everyone and we never go to go to the beach. But while we were waiting, we found a restaurant called "Heather's Place" and that was kinda fun.

On Thursday, we went to Puerto Vallarta (which ended up being my favorite port). Randy went deep sea fishing with Dad, Dan, Ben and Ben. We, being Michelle, Robby, Mom, Ali, baby Alonzo, Amber, and baby Megan took a taxi to Nikki beach which was awesome. It was a resort on the beach with lounge chairs and shade huts set up on the sand. It is exactly what you would picture when you picture someone on the beach sipping pina colada in Mexico. We layed on the sand and swam in the waves for a few very relaxing hours when we saw a fishing boat passing us and noticed it was our boys waving at us. the boat came right up to us and Randy jumped off the boat to join us in our paradise. The rest of the boys stayed on the boat and went back to the ship. After we were thoroughly sunburned, we went back to the ship for lunch and then took another taxi out for some final shopping. we got some toys for the boys, some pirate shirts and a figurine of some dancers for me. All in all, an awesome day!

on Friday and Saturday, we recovered from all the running around for three days in Mexico. We mostly hung around lounging. We played games, I took a watercolor class, we did ballroom dancing, played ping pong, and had a shuffleboard tournament, and went to shows. Randy sang Karaoke and it was so awesome. He was a little nervous, but he was quite the performer as always. He sang "Forever in Blue Jeans" by Neil Diamond. All the girls were going crazy including me. I'll post the video when I get a chance. I also loved that every night when we went to bed, there was a new folded towel in the shape of an animal. the elephant was my favorite. I enjoyed getting dressed up for dinner and liked being with Randy and the rest of the family. It was a great trip and I will do it again in a heartbeat, although, next time I will be more prepared for the motion sickness.

Thanks Mom and Dad for giving us wonderful memories to last a lifetime!
enjoy the slide show.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've been thrown back into reality

Well, It's over. Our Mexican Riviera Cruise is just a wonderful memory now. Sounds depressing doesn't it. well it is. We had a lot of fun though! We went with the following: My mom and Dad, Grandma Aird, Michelle and Robby, Dan and Amber (and baby Megan), Amberly and Spencer, Ali and Ben (and baby Alonzo) and last but not least, Boot. We boarded the ship on Sunday and stopped in Cabo San Lucas on Tuesday. During those first two days, I got really motion sick, but I didn't want it to get me down. I didn't take many pictures, but we mostly walked around the ship and got settled into not having the kids with us (it was harder than you think)and ate the wonderful food. I cried only a few times when I missed my boys, but then I was ready to have some fun. We went to a shopping seminar about the different ports and I gambled for the first time in my life. We played BINGO and lost (of course) and then Because Randy didn't have much fun with that he convinced me he should be able to play in the black jack tournament; which he did and lost (of course). There are a ton of activities you can do on a cruise ship! Who knew? We had the late dinner session at 8:30pm so we got to got to a show before dinner each night and we loved the singers and dancers who worked there. I also enjoyed being rocked to sleep every night by the boat. Here is a slide show of the first three days of our cruise. Cabo San Lucas was way fun. We took a glass bottom boat ride around Lands end and then hung out at Lovers beach. After that we had lunch at a nice little outdoor Mexican grill and did some shopping. So FUN! I will post the last five days when I get the chance. I hope you enjoy the slide show at least a fraction as much as I enjoyed the real thing.

Mexican Riviera Cruise: first three days

Friday, May 2, 2008

Catch you later!

This is where I will be for the next week or so. I'll post pictures when I get back. Yeah. I know you are jealous!