Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Never mind, 18 and dropping?

I stole the picture from your facebook hope that's ok.
The pregnancy count is down to 18 now. Congratulations Heidi (my sister-in-law) on your new baby girl! I'm sure Roxie will love being a part of your family! BTW, very smart of you to have her right before the new year. now you can claim her on your taxes for this year.

Monday, December 29, 2008

19 and counting

The family/friend pregnancy count is up to 19 thanks to a couple of Christmas surprises. I hope some of you have your babies here pretty soon so I will be able to keep track of who is pregnant and when they are due. Congratulations to those expectant mothers! (I would name all of them, but I'm not sure If I am allowed to tell for some of them)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

We were able to stay home all of Christmas day. It was nice not to have to run around to a bunch of places and just have a quiet time with our boys at home. We got up at 8:00 and we had to wake up Tyler so we could get going. Santa came the night before, so we had lots of presents under our tree. We were able to have Randy's parents join us from Iceland via Skype which was really fun. They just watched our whole christmas morning and they boys showed them there new presents on the web cam. It was an interesting way to have them there. I was also able to listen in to my brother Ben's phone call home from his mission through skype. I just sat and listened while they had him on speaker phone. It was nice to hear his voice. The funny thing was, was Tyler and Jacob were so excited that I bought chocolate milk for breakfast. They absolutely loved it. When I asked Tyler why we celebrate Christmas, he said "because of Santa" that was sad b/c we have been doing an advent calendar and reading scriptures every night this month to talk about the true meaning of Christmas and even the night before talked about when Jesus was born. oh well, maybe next year. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve festivities

On Christmas Eve, we went snow tubing with my mom, Dad, my brother Dan, his wife Amber and my cousin Bryan at Gorgoza park in Jeremy Ranch. Well, I didn't tube, but Randy and Tyler did while I watched Jake and his cousin Megan play in the snow with my mom and sister-in-law Amber. We had fun watching our boys, but it was a long two hours just watching. It looks like a really fun park though. After tubing, we later went to my Grandma Aird's house for Christmas eve dinner and had the Christmas nativity story acted out by the great grandchildren. We had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Neighbor gifts

I had a request to show the neighbor gifts we gave out. I decided to make miniature cinnamon rolls and stack them together before I baked them so they looked like little wreaths. they turned out pretty cute, but more importantly, they tasted very yummy.

My latest project

Here is my latest project. I needed something to hang our stockings on and believe me, If you don't already have a shelf or a mantle, something like this is VERY hard to find. Making it did come with some problems though. I carbon copied a font that I liked onto the painted board and then painted the script and spent a good part of the night touching up and making it look nice. I Then put it aside to finish up the next day. Of course, the next day, while I wasn't looking, Jacob got a hold of it and colored all over it with crayon and marker. (don't ask me where he even got them). So this is what I had to deal with.
I sanded it with Randy's electric sander and it was so hard to get the marker to disappear. I got down to the wood grain, but you could still see the marker. I had to start all over with the painting and the words. but, I finally got it done (again).
When I showed Jakey the stocking holder and asked him if he liked it, he said "Color! Marker!."
I'm sure if he could reach it, he would make it much more "pretty" again. I'm glad it is done; and I don't think it turned out too bad either.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tyler Says...

Tyler: "I don't want stinky pants for Christmas."

Neither do I Ty. Neither do I.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tyler's (costume) Birthday Party

We had Tyler's Birthday party today. Sigh, I am glad it is over. It is hard to get people to come when it is 5 days before Christmas and on the last Saturday before Christmas too. We did get 4 of the 12 kids we invited to come though. thanks to Michelle who brought 3 kids! He had a "costume party" and of course he was very specific about what he wanted to do, who he wanted to invite, and how his "cake" should be. Luckily I convinced him to do most things my way. the cupcakes were a lot easier than the "war" cake he wanted me to make. We had a lot of fun and I think he had a really good Birthday this year. Thanks everyone for your well wishes.

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Baby is FIVE!

I can't believe that Tyler is five today! I swear we just had him a little while ago. He has grown up so much. It's funny how when you become a mommy everyone tells you to enjoy the moment because they grow up so fast; and you are like "okay" thinking you would just rather sleep through the night for once. But it is true. They grow way faster than you ever think they could. He is such a sweet little boy and we are so glad that Heavenly Father decided to bless us by adding him to our family (albeit a little sooner than I would have liked at the time).

Here is his first picture! Awwwh. I was 11 weeks pregnant

My chubby little 6 mo. old.
My little thumb sucker.
Cute curls.

His third b-day party.
Four years old.
Here is a photo of him I took this morning. doesn't he look so big? Happy 5th Birthday Tyler!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You Better Watch out, You better not Cry.....

Babies galore are coming to town!
My friend/family pregnancy count is up to 15 now! So if you know me, and you don't want a little one coming your way, you had better stay away from the water we are all drinking! So far 8 of the 15 are girls one is a boy, the rest don't know yet. it is getting a little girl crazy though. You better watch out!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Randy came home the other day and announced that he needed new shoes. Of course he needed new shoes, I was telling him that in October! Anyway, he went out the other night and bought some shoes. No big deal right? I didn't actually look in the bag at his new shoes until last night and I was absolutely SHOCKED at what I saw! He bought some tennis shoes! If you don't understand the
enormity of this situation, let me fill you in. For the past seven years Randy has bought the same pair of "Vans". He does change it up a bit every once in a while though. sometimes he will buy tan instead of blue or vice versa. Amazing I know. So imagine my shock when I saw those white "spaldings" sitting in the shoe box. It's a Christmas miracle!

Stupid Tax

Okay, so now my "pregnancy brain" or lack thereof is now costing me money! Well, I guess the stitches cost me money too, but this is getting ridiculous. Yesterday morning I got the milk out of the fridge and it wasn't very cold. then I noticed that the fridge wasn't very cold and that it smelled a little bit. I called Randy and he asked me some questions and he said we should call the appliance guy to fix it. I had pulled the refrigerator out from the wall, it was plugged in, checked the dial on the fridge and it was normal. checked the freezer dial and everything looked fine to me. So I called "Mr. appliance" and they said they could come by between 11:00am and 1:00 pm. fearing I would lose some valuable meat and other products in the meantime, I went and bought some ice so I could preserve some of our food in the cooler until further notice. I got home with the ice and about 10 minutes later the appliance guy knocked on my door. he came in and looked behind the fridge and then looked in the freezer. he looked over at me, smiled and turned on the fridge. Apparently, the freezer dial was turned to "off" thereby turning off the whole unit. I couldn't believe it! So I asked the nice appliance man "how much do I owe you for coming to my house to turn on my fridge?" He looked at me apologetically and said "it is $63 for a diagnostic. "
That's just great. "I'm sure my husband will LOVE that." I said. He then proceeded to tell me "I won't put it on the paperwork, so if you don't want to tell your husband, you don't have to." He was in and out of our house in under 7 minutes. (yes, I did check the freezer dial, but I guess somehow I missed the fact that it was "off." stupid, stupid, stupid! of course I told Randy, I can't keep anything from him, I'm surprised I haven't told him his Christmas present yet)

The Good news: my fridge wasn't actually broken, The bad news: my stupid tax has come to about $70 if you include the ice I bought. BTW, if you want/need some ice, feel free to come over and get it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Tyler Says..."Booty Tack"

I have no idea where he got this, but lately he has been saying "HA! I'm going to give you a 'booty tack'" I think he means booty attack, but either way, it is pretty weird.

enjoy the video of my little weirdo! At least he isn't slapping MY booty.

Tyler's instructions given as I write this:
"to give a booty tack to mommy, you just smack your bum, look at something else and it looks like you are falling when you are bending over. you show your bum. It is funny."