Monday, April 5, 2010

Aunt Paige

On Thursday, Randy's sister Paige came to visit. It was really fun to catch up and hang out with her even though she was only here for just over a day. The boys loved the gifts she brought with her (Thanks Lisa and Grandma) and forced her to play games with them. We had a good time Paige, Thanks for the visit.

Lily started snuggling with her right away.
Jake Sporting his new shirt from Aunt Lisa. It is too big, but he doesn't care.
I caught Tyler without his hands over his face. He is wearing his new shirt too. And Yes, most of his pants have holes like these.
Lily's new pose when you take out the camera. I call it her "snaggle-tooth" pose.
I had to throw in a couple of shots of her "braids" that I did on Friday. Aren't they cute?
We love Aunt Paige!

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Heidi said...

How do you get her to sit still. I can't even brush Roxie hair without her running and screaming away from me. I'm Jealous!!