Monday, April 19, 2010

Yard Work

Well, this is the first year we will actually have a yard, and so the work has begun...or rather continued since Randy's freezing sod laying. On Friday we got to work digging holes for our 15 new shrubs and new tree. I wont tell you how much this little piece of our yard cost, but it is kind of ridiculous. I am glad to get some things started though. the shrubs along our sidewalk will be a natural fence and I am excited to have a barrier there. Randy also had a busy Saturday starting with a primary activity, then T-ball practice (coaching) and Then he rented a trencher so we could trench the backyard for sprinklers. He was outside working till around 9:00PM when I came out and told him since he couldn't see, he should probably stop. He works hard, that's for sure. Here are some pictures of our work in progress.

one of our little "Rose of Sharon" shrubs
Yeah, we still need sod in this area. Our little "burning bushes"

The new Japanese Maple.

Two different views of the backyard
If you have any suggestions or free plants we can have let me know!


Nessa said...

Eric and I put in our own sprinkler system back in only suggestion is if you have the someone else to do it!!! :) Really though, it looks like you guys have it well in hand!

Ali said...

That looks great. Randy is a hard worker! I'm sure you will be excited when it's done.

Jane said...

Putting a yard in is a lot of work, but the rewards are worth it. Keep it up and enjoy the results.