Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Our camera's battery died on Easter Morning, so we only got three short videos. Lily found her Basket right away (it was in her spot under the piano). Jake's was behind the couch and Tyler was shocked to find his in the bathtub but was grateful it was not in the toilet. We had a fun looking for our Easter baskets and munching on candy while watching general conference.

The only pictures I took that day were in the afternoon, so nothing very exciting was going on.
Here is what our little girl looks like when we are home doing nothing. a onesie and whatever hair clip was handy so her hair doesn't get in her eyes. I still love our "homeless" girl though.
Jake with lily's basket.
My boys playing games in between sessions. Jake fits in the "Homeless" theme without a shirt on. But I am lucky he was wearing pants and undies.
I hope everyone had a good day like we did. Happy Easter!

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Nessa said...

They sure look happy! Were they crazy like mine were after injesting all the candy?