Sunday, April 11, 2010

Best Video Ever!

Lily at Grandma's house.

We went to my parents house yesterday to celebrate a late Easter and early Birthday for me, Michelle, and my Mom. We had a blast! I made a cake and the kids had an Easter egg hunt.The best video ever is at the very end of the post (if you would like to skip to it)

Jake and AlonzoMichelle and baby SarahWill ready to hit me with a slush ball

Mom with sleeping SarahLily checking out an egg

the yummy dinnerWaiting to say the prayerThe cake I made. Amberly made a really yummy carrot cake, but I didn't get a picture.

we ate dinner and played a game called "Minute to Win It" I hadn't ever heard of this game. It was really fun though. My parents told us that we had a minute to complete a task and if we completed it on the first try we would receive $10. If we completed it on the second try, we would receive $5; and on the third try $2.50. We only get three tries to do it though. We drew numbers to see what order we went in, and then we drew a card to see what task we had to complete.I don't know why I didn't take pictures or video of the first 4 people (sorry guys), but I got some of the last 4 at least. Randy's video seriously makes me crack up. I can't stop laughing at it. It looks to me like someone is sending an electric shock through him. I love it.Here Ali is trying to stack 4 apples in one minute. She did it on her 2ND try if I remember right.
The videos are kind obvious, but I had to pull out tissues from a box with only one hand ( I completed the task first try). Spencer had to bounce 3 ping pong balls into water glasses (This video is his 3rd try) and Randy had to shake ping pong balls out of the box strapped to his 'booty' (they called it "Junk in the trunk").


Grandpa and Grandma B said...

I think you were all having too much fun. To think people drink to have fun. I don't think they ever have this much fun. I do worry about the damage that could be done to the body in this last one though. A person could throw their back out jumping around like that. Heather yours was too easy! . Leave it to Utah to come up with these games

kabaum said...

There is actually a TV show called Minute to Win It. Seriously! You can win up to $1 million dollars but you have to do a series of tasks, not just one. Not to discredit Utah creativity.

HILARIOUS!!!! Shake that booty Randy!!! And I really hope all the kids had runny noses, saves on tissues. I still think the ping pong balls in a cup would be the hardest.

Nessa said...

I never knew Randy was an epileptic! :) You sooooo need to keep that video. It should be imortalized!

Joan said...

That's funny...I had thought about doing "Minute to Win it" games at our next family gathering. I'm glad it turned out to be so much fun for everyone.

Oh, and have a great birthday.

Sara said...

Oh man I'm loving it! I'm trying to think of a time we can organize a minute to win it party!

Nice moves Randy! :)

Michelle said...

Love It! We are definitely doing this at our next family get together.

Heidi said...

Heather you have completely made my day!! I need to see Randy doing that!!! AH LIFE IS COMPLETE!!

Amber said...

I am so happy with your blog!!! Randy has skills that you've been hiding from us! And my hand cramped just watching you Heather! You were so fast!

What Fun! You're parents rock :)

Amber said...

I mean "your" parents rock. I can't spell.