Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting Crafty

My sister Michelle and my mom came over on Wednesday for lunch and we made these adorable bags to hold our scriptures and church materials. I am not a very good seamstress, so I'm glad my mom showed me step by step what to do. She is really good at sewing.

Thanks Mom! I had a fun time and it really turned out cute.


Amber said...

Um, where's mine?
Super cute. I want to know the pattern someday. I really like your fabric combo too.

katester said...

Very cute! I am not domestic like that at all. I would need my mom to complete the entire project.

To respond to your comment on my blog. I just posted the pictures on my blog in black and white. She gave me both options, color and B&W so I could choose.

Ali said...

I love the way the black and white turned out with the purple lining. Cute fabric selection.