Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Flipping" Finger

Well, everyone has been asking how my finger is doing and I guess I will give an update on my pathetic injury. I got the stitches removed last Friday evening and it looked pretty good.

Here are photos of the stitches the day I had them removed

Pretty cool right? Here is how it looked after the stitches were removed.

It looks like it is healing nicely. But, much to my dismay, the morning after I had the stitches removed, my finger split open again! yeah, I know, it is me, so it figures! Why would I be surprised anyway? Well, I did NOT go get more stitches (mostly because when they numbed it, it hurt like heck) I have opted instead to put butterfly strips on it and wrap it very carefully. I don't have any recent photos and I don't want to take off the bandage to take a picture. But It looks a lot like the pictures I took right after the stitches were out. Except now, the top of the finger is bruised as all can be because I keep knocking it on things and my boys seem to think it has a giant target on it. I have never hit my finger so many times in my life. It hurts so bad all the time. Maybe if I was more careful with it though, it could heal faster. Then again, if I was more careful this wouldn't have happened in the first place. So I guess I will have to live with this flipping finger until it fully heals (however long that may be is yet to be determined).

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My New Favorite Thing

I had kind of a rough day yesterday butting heads with Tyler. In retaliation for me being a "mean Mom" he drew all over our new couch with a blue pen. Seriously, all over. (That's what I get for thinking I can take a nap in the middle of the day while he quietly "watches a movie") So anyway, I Googled getting ink out of microfiber and people had found that hand sanitizer worked. So I tried it, and I was like magic! It totally got rid of all the big blue circles on my tan couch. And it also got rid of a couple of other small stains that I hadn't been able to get out yet. Who knew? It is awesome. so, this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for hand sanitizer. I'm glad it worked better than the bug spray on the nail polish stains in my clothes. buying a new couch is a lot harder than buying new clothes.

p.s. Don't worry, we had Tyler scrub the couch with a wet rag for a long time before we used something that actually works.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Twilight Review

Well, I went, I saw, and for the most part I liked. It was a good movie, and I am glad I saw it. I felt like the plot was moving extremely fast and it made me wonder if I hadn't read the books whether or not I would've liked it at all. So if You haven't read the books, but saw the movie, I would love to get your take on the whole thing. The biggest problem I had were the cheesy lines that were cheesy in the book and therefore pretty ridiculous in the movie.

My favorite part: the scene with James in the ballet studio. Awesome! just as good as the book. James was so good at being the bad guy.
Worst part: the scene in the woods. It was weird the way they made him move "fast" it just looked like he was moving in slow motion, but faster than a normal person. When he said "hold on Spider monkey" I about died laughing and I felt bad I was the only one laughing in the theater at that line. Also I couldn't hold back the giggles when he sparkled in the sun. I mean, I knew it was coming, and I knew that it would be weird, but come on, did they have to add the weird sound effect every time he "sparkled"? It made me feel like it was a tinker bell movie rather than Twilight. My friend next to me told me to "hold it together" and believe me, it was hard.
I loved Victoria's character. They did an excellent job and I can't wait to see her in the next movie.
"The kiss" was every bit as good in the movie as it was in the book. Great job.Bella couldn't have been more perfect if she came straight out of my head.
And what was with Jasper? I mean maybe I pictured him WAY wrong, but is he supposed to be handicapped or something? Bad Jasper if you ask me. Good Alice though.
Rosalie and Emmet on the other Hand were perfect. As was Jacob. I'm still not sure about Edward. I like him a lot, but he isn't what I had pictured at all.

So, for the most part, good movie especially with all the high expectations I had for it. Not the greatest movie ever made, but in my top 20? maybe? Anyway, I would love to hear what your thoughts were on the movie. I'm not an obsessed die hard fan, but I really enjoyed the books. I was sad they didn't have the part where she fainted in biology from the blood prick and I wish they had ended it how the book ended, but I guess the ending they used gets you ready for Victoria's revenge in the next movie, so that's good. Let me know what you thought.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I hope we kick Utah's trash today!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pregnancy Brain? or No Brain at all?

Whether it is accidentally putting the milk away in the pantry, putting my car keys in the refrigerator or, you know, slicing my finger open. I know that I haven't been the smartest pregnant person or normal person I know. But today, I topped myself again! I did the laundry yesterday, but I had missed a few items like favorite jeans, favorite sweater, Randy's basketball shorts and Tyler's favorite jeans that we all wore yesterday while I did the wash. So I thought, Well, I will just wash our favorites all together so we can wear them Saturday. Unfortunately for me, I had forgotten that Jacob found my nail polish yesterday and I had taken it away and hurriedly put it in the pocket of my jeans without thinking much of it. Of course you have figured out by now what happened. Yep, I washed everything and the whole bottle of nail polish spilled in the washer onto pretty much every item of clothing. If you want to ruin some clothes, you should definitely do exactly what I did. I read online about how to get nail polish out of clothes and learned that bug spray works, so I used it on my favorite jeans and it made it slightly lighter but didn't get rid of it completely. Kinda stinks if you ask me. (How am I supposed to find another pair of maternity jeans that have a 38 inch inseam? ahhhh! I have freakishly long legs!) lots of scrubbing on a lot of clothes, without much result.
Here is my favorite maternitysweater that of course is totally ruined. Bummer.Isn't it pretty. It is the new "I have weird pink splotches" look.

I need to give a shout out to Randy who, by the way, is the best husband in the entire world! After I ruined our clothes, I had a horrible migraine and he came home from work, scrubbed the jeans, took the kids, picked up dinner, washed out the inside of the washing machine that was covered in nail polish and let me rest. He is such a sweetheart to take all that on especially with no down time after work on a Friday. Thank you babe for cleaning up my pathetic messes as well as taking care of me. You are the BEST!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Am I the only one who does that?

I realized the other day that I call my kids really weird names all the time. Lately I've been calling both of them "little bunker" or "beat-bug." so I thought back and I have called both of them really strange things in the past; some of these names include:
So I obviously call them weird names. Mostly I call Ty: "Tyler-Byler" and Jacob I call "Jakey-bake" like (shake'n'bake). But my question is, do most of you call your kids by such weird names, or am I the only one who does that?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Story of My Life

Well, I did it again. I cut myself pretty bad. I was making dinner (like the wonderful wife and mother I am) and I used my new food processor (giggling of course because I love it!). I was making Swedish meatballs so after having mixed everything I reached into the food processor to make the actual meatballs. But, much to my dismay, I had forgotten to take the blade out first. I cut the top of my middle finger. I tried to clean it as best I could, but it was bleeding pretty bad, so I just got paper towels and put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. I knew I needed stitches, but Randy had taken the car that day and he was staying after work to play racquetball so he wouldn't be home until around 6:30 or 7:00 pm. It was around 5:00. Because I am pregnant, I couldn't stop crying! It was so annoying. I was so mad at myself for being so stupid. I was too embarrassed to call anyone, so I left a message on Bobby's cell (he plays ball with Randy) and waited. Randy called me about 6:00 and said I should call a neighbor to take me to the hospital. I couldn't stop crying and was being unreasonable and begged Randy to come home to take me. He said he was about 45 min. away so I should just call a friend. I refused and we ended the call. I guess, while they were driving home they called a few of my neighbors to help me, but nobody was available anyway. So I waited and tried to stop the bleeding, but it wasn't working so well. After waiting almost two hours I finally got to go to the insta-care with Randy like I wanted.

They treated me pretty well, but the numbing shots in my finger hurt worse than anything! They didn't seem too concerned about the bleeding, because after they numbed me and cleaned out the wound, I just sat there while blood dripped down my arm onto the pad they gave me. Luckily, Randy saved my sweater by telling me to pull up the sleeve before it got stained. I received five stitches. that's pretty good for the tip of the finger if you ask me. It hurts really bad and because I am pregnant, I get to feel everything! I can take Tylenol for the pain and that is it. (yeah, that works!) It's a good thing I didn't cut myself in a place with a lot of nerve endings...oh wait, the tip of your finger has a lot of nerve endings. BOO. Yeah, I know it sucks to be me today.The good thing is they told me I am not allowed to do the dishes or clean a toilet for over a week. It's a good thing I have Randy around because he already does those things for me anyway. So that is my story, the story of my life.

Here are some pictures for you people who like the gory stuff like me. enjoy.

Isn't it pretty. by the way, food processing blades are sharp!
I took pictures of the finger while it was bleeding in the insta-care, but they didn't turn out so well b/c they were taken with the cell phone. ah well, use your imagination.

My favorite picture. awesome.
this is Jake concerned about his mommy. Either that or he really wants candy.
This is what I look like all bandaged up.Yeah, I know it looks like I'm flipping everyone off.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Still amazing!

this is not a real picture by the way, it is photoshop at its best.

Last night as we watched a movie, I had the remote control sitting on top of my ever growing belly and we watched as it moved around when the baby kicked. I do this every time I am pregnant and every single time it is amazing and so exciting to see. Every pregnancy is a little bit different, and this one is no exception. it has been very interesting the third time around. I can feel everything this time. Every stretch, every movement, and contractions already when I work too much. She is definitely getting bigger and her kicks are getting stronger too. It is so fun. I love being pregnant.

Monday, November 10, 2008

So Thankful

I know so many people having a hard time financially and I just want to say that I am so thankful for the decisions Randy and I have made. I am thankful that we are debt free except for our house. I am thankful that we saved up before we bought a house, I am thankful that we got a loan that won't change over time and it was something that we could/can afford. I am thankful that should Randy lose his job, we have an emergency fund set up so that we can take care of ourselves for six months or so with virtually no income coming into our home. I don't mean to brag or anything, I just know so many people who have lost their jobs and their homes are going into foreclosure and it seems every other day a new "for sale" sign is going up in our neighborhood. I am grateful that I can feel a little safer than I would have had we not made these decisions a few years ago. Thanks also goes in large part to Lisa, for letting us borrow her Dave Ramsey book "The total money makeover" about five years ago, and to the Lord for guiding us along the way.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to ME!

Okay, I was getting depressed talking about Obama, so I will have a happy post now.

I got to open these presents to myself!

I finally spent my Christmas/birthday money from last year on something special. I am so excited about my new Bosch mixer and accessories! I found it on sale at Emergency Essentials and made the decision to buy it finally. I have been waiting to find it at a good price and I feel like I got a really good deal. I got the universal Mixer, the food processor, and the blender. I used it last night for the first time and I was literally gigling as I mixed up a zucchini cake. Okay, so it isn't the most exciting thing to make, but I got to use the food processor as well as the mixer and I have to say it was so awesome! I don't know how I lived without it for so long. The mixer
The mixer with food processor attachment
The mixer with blender attachment.Snuggled up in it's new home.

p.s. what am I supposed to do now that I don't have any birthday or Christmas money? I guess I will just bake and cook a bunch of stuff until I get more this Christmas. :)

Silver linings? where are they?

Everyone is talking about all the good things that will come out of Obama being the new president, but all I can think about is:
  • Our (soon to be) president has no problem letting babies be killed.
  • He has terrorist ties and couldn't qualify to be his own body guard or be in the FBI but he can be President?
  • He wants to take money away from the hardworking Americans and force them to give it to the lazy people. (He's even taking away our choice to give.)
  • He has millions of dollars that are unaccounted for from his election donations. awesome.
  • He is going to Socialize Health care!
  • He has no problem with our schools teaching sexually explicit material to kindergartners.
  • He WILL increase taxes, mark my words!
  • We will have INCREASED welfare. nice
  • He will try to take away our 2nd amendment rights.
  • We will have a WEAKER military. great.

He says he will "Change" America, and unfortunately, I believe him.

p.s. He is not Black! He is going to be our first ARAB President. (I have nothing against Arabs, or blacks, but I'm just sick of everyone saying he is black.)
p.s.s. He smokes. A hobby that makes you die!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Go and Vote if you haven't already!

If you haven't voted yet, go out and do it! Make sure you are informed though. Don't just vote for someone because you think everyone else is. I am tired of people not knowing the issues and who stands for what! There are some good things about all the candidates (although it may be hard for some of us conservatives to find). Be informed on the local candidates as well, it is vitally important that we elect people on the state level that support our beliefs! The only way to get a president who stands for what we stand for is to elect state representatives that want what we want as well. Apparently, that won't be happening for me this election, but maybe next time we can accomplish that feat. please pray about the candidates and listen to what the spirit tells you. It is a step that seems to be skipped all too often. We need to do what is best for our country and it is obvious to me that God needs to be included in the process.
So if you haven't done so already, read your voter pamphlet you got in the mail or go to (if you are in Utah) and find out the issues involving your state. Do the right thing and get out and Vote Smart!