Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Lily

I made Lily's name and put it over her window in the bedroom thanks to a good idea from my sister-in-law Amber. mine is not as cute as hers, but I had fun making it and it only cost me about 50 cents. If you want to know how I made it, go to her blog.
Gotta love the dresses!
The hat that came with it is HUGE!
It is Jake's new favorite thing to wear. What's the good of having a sister if you can't wear her pretty things right?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conversations with Jakey

Most recent conversations (we have this same discussion all day long over and over.)

Me (outside of the room): "Jake, don't touch the baby."

Jake:'Oh Kay"

Me: "Jake, are you touching the baby?"


Me:"don't touch the baby Jake"

Jake:" Oh Kay! Paci"

Me:"Don't touch the baby's pacifier!"

Jake:"Kay Mom"

he of course touches the baby and her pacifier.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Second Hypnobirth Video

This video is kind of like Jacob's in that it is missing the most intense part; the actual birth. But I have had requests to "see me do it again" I still believe Hypnobirthing is the way to go and I am glad that I was able to do it again. The labor is probably boring because it doesn't actually show me doing anything, but here it is. It shows me up until I was dilated probably around a 7 or so, but I quickly went from 6 to 10 (about a half hour)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

When it rains it pours!

Week one was Rough!
Having a new baby in the house is always a hard adjustment for the family. three is definitely harder than two. Unfortunately for us, having to adjust to the new baby wasn't the only thing we have had to deal with this week. Monday: Lily started spitting up a lot of bright red blood. After a trip to the emergency room and having her stomach basically pumped, we still didn't really have any answers as to where the blood was coming from (not from me like you would think). It was old blood though. Luckily she was given a wonderful blessing by her father and a friend and we haven't had any spitting up blood issues since. Tuesday: We found out our car was stolen. It was disappointing and sad, but luckily Lily wasn't spitting up blood. Wednesday: Tyler and Jacob get sick with a horrible cough and cold symptoms with wheezing as well. Thursday-Saturday: I escape to my mom's and leave my sweet boys for Lily's sake because she is too small to handle whatever illness they have and RSV season is still among us. I missed them all so much and had a hard time leaving but I thought it was best for the baby.

I am back now as the boys are on the mend. We are still being very careful that they don't hang around Lily too much and we are liberal with the hand sanitizer and the Lysol. Hopefully for my sanity's sake next week we will have a better week and the only complaints I will have is lack of sleep, a dirty house and mischievous boys to handle. wish me luck!

Friday, March 20, 2009

From Randy: Has Anyone Seen my Car, Part II

I got a call from the SLCPD last night at 1:30 am. They have found my car. She told me I had to come pick it up or they would have to impound. I asked how long I had to pick up the car and she said, "20 minutes." I was all alone at home with the boys (Heather was at her mom's with Lily) so I couldn't just leave, and there was no way I could get there in 20 minutes. So I conceded that it should be impounded.
"By the way, where did they find the car?" I asked.
"2100 west North Temple," she replied.
The car was stolen from my work at 2210 West North Temple. For those of you that are having a hard time understanding what that means, I added a map pointing out where the car was stolen out of the parking lot, and where it was dumped. Not much of a joy ride.
I went to pick it up from the impound today. Imagine an empty lobby with a window. As I arrive at said empty window I am told to take a number. I'm not kidding. She told me to take a number. I did, and then waited until the "Now serving" sign showed my number. I paid the impound fee, all $229 of it, and was told I could now pick my car up at the impound lot. The impound lot is not down town where the impound window is. That would make sense. The impound lot, however, is about 4 miles west of the impound window. (The government really should run Health care)
I drove to the impound lot and went into the impound lot window. (Note: This is not the impound window. This is the Impound Lot Window. The Impound window was about 4 miles east.) At the impound lot window they do everything they did at the Impound window except they didn't take money. Where's my car? Not in the lot behind the Impound lot window. It is at the impound lot, which is down the street. To make along story short, I drove to the lot and they drove me to my car. And the government sucks at running things. (No wonder it cost $229, There was 8 employees between me and the car.)
So, How's the car? I didn't recognize it at first. My car had a front license plate. They broke that off. They also broke half of my BYU Alumni plate cover on the back. (I didn't want to say it. Not all Ute fans are thieves. It just looks that way.) Other than that, the car had been rummaged threw, or as they say in the movies, "tossed." A piece of the air flow system had been pulled out, but that went back in easily. Nothing seemed to be missing or broken. The radio was on a hip-hop station, and the rear-view mirror was set for a rather short person. (not all Ute fans are short either) so we drove it home.
That's it. We drove it home.
Thank you for everyone's concern. Especially to my Brother-in-Law for getting the word out. I don't believe it was just coincidence that your post came out just hours before the car was found.

Lesson's learned: If your car gets stolen, drive around the area, you may just find it. If I would have, I would have found it in about three minutes. $229?

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The story

Ok, so I said I would post my birth story a few days ago, but I actually haven't had time to do it yet. surprise! Lily is asleep right now (for who knows how long) and since I am staying at my mom's all is quiet (The boys have croup or something close to it so I ran away with the baby until they get better.)

On Thursday March 12th I went to a baby shower for someone in my ward and I noticed I was having fairly regular contractions. I was timing them at the shower and they were 5 to 6 min apart. When I walked home (a couple of blocks) from the shower the contractions were about 3 min apart. When I got home, Randy and I watched a little TV and they slowed down. I figured they would just go away like all the other "false labor." We went to bed and the last contraction I had had was about 20 min. before that. I woke Randy up at about 2:30 am to tell him they were getting pretty strong and were about 10 min apart. He told me to wake him up when they were closer to 6 min apart. two contractions later they were. We called a neighbor (Bobby) to come over and watch the boys, aka: sleep on our couch, until my mom arrived. We arrived at the hospital about 4:00 am and I was dilated at a three and a half (yeah sweet.) and so they had me walk around the hospital for about 45 min to keep things going. when they checked me after that, I was at a 5 and 80% effaced so they admitted me. I had to have an IV for the group B strep and that was a problem because nobody could find a vein to put it in. it took 3 nurses and a long time (not sure how long) plus warming towels and multiple pokes and "digging around" till I finally got the IV in my right arm inside the elbow. So I had to lay for a while with the IV and the monitors on my stomach. When They took them off I felt the contractions were getting really strong (this was about 6:30am) so I had her check my progress. I was only at a 6 and 1/2! I was still breathing through the contractions and hadn't had any pain, it was just getting harder to concentrate. My back started to ache so I had Randy rub it through each contraction but it didn't seem to help much. He was in the bed with me "spooning" and I got mad at him because I felt him fall asleep a couple of times and shake back awake. I didn't want to walk around and since my back was bothering me a lot. (she had turned posterior just like her brothers) Randy suggested he fill up the tub in my bathroom for me to help ease the tension. While he was filling the tub the contractions got really intense and he asked me if I wanted the nurse to check me, but she had just checked me and I was only at a 6 so I thought I had a while to go. Anyway, I got in the tub (it felt so nice) and on the first contraction in the tub Randy looked at me and said he was going to get the nurse to check me. She checked me in the tub and said I was "complete" and told me to get out of the tub. So I got out of the tub and during another contraction (while randy wiped me down with towels) I felt my body starting to push. I had a rough walk back to the bed (just like Jakey)I layed on my left side and put my arms around Randy's neck and started pushing the baby out. My water broke, then she came after about two pushes and a doctor from the hall "caught" her for me. when I opened my eyes I saw that there were about 8 nurses running around the room. apparently they pushed an alarm so all the available nurses came in. I had Lily at 7:09 am my midwife was called too late so she didn't get there until about 15 min after Lily was born. Lily was 8lbs 15 oz (same as Tyler) and 20 inches long. They didn't have enough cribs, so I got to keep Lily in my delivery room with me for about an hour before they took her away. I didn't tear at all, so right after I had her I was ready to head home. unfortunately though, they made me stay two nights because they had to watch Lily for signs of infection because the medicine from the IV wasn't in my body for the "required length of time". Anyway, that's my story. another successful hypnobirth! It is wonderful and everyone should try it in my opinion. I will make another hypnobirth video and show it when I can.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Has anyone seen my car?

The past few days have been wonderful and tiring and happy and sad. But today was an interesting one to say the least. apparently while we were busy bringing our new baby into the world, someone else had their eye on getting something new as well. they decided that new thing would be our car. Yep, sometime between Friday and Tuesday, our Honda Accord was stolen! Randy had left it in his work parking lot on Thursday to take me to the doctor and had planned on carpooling back to work Friday morning and picking it up. Since we had the baby Friday morning though, he obviously didn't go back to work to pick it up. He got through with work today only to find that it wasn't where he had parked it. CRAZY! It is especially alarming to me because they have pretty good security at his work and there were cameras in the parking lot, so hopefully they will see who took it and when on one of those said cameras. The police said we have a 50/50 chance of getting it back. Our guess is that it has already been chopped though. If you see it let us know. UT license plate number 796 LXX.

Everything will be okay though because Obama will get us a new one. Right?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lovely Little Lily!

Hey, everyone! I guess most of you know by now that our sweet Lily Jane Bremner arrived on Friday morning. Yep Friday the 13th and a full moon too. Needless to say there were a lot of babies born that day. The hospital ran out of cribs there were so many! It is so weird how we come in droves. I guess all we had to do was threaten to take Lily out by force and she decided maybe it would be better to just come on her own. We are grateful for that.We had another successful hypnobirth, but I will give you all the birth story later today, in the meantime I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures of the last few days. enjoy.

Randy all tuckered out from the long night of labor
She looks good, she smells good, but does she taste good?
My gorgeous bouquet of lilies Randy gave me

Ready to head home!

this morning Jacob loved looking at "baby"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

From Randy

Lily Jane Bremner
03/13/09 7:09 AM
8 lbs 15 ozs
20 inches

Thursday, March 12, 2009

pregnancy update

sorry it's a little late, but I went my midwife today and now I am dilated at a 2! Wow! I know. The baby has move down another two stations which is good. She is really low now. We are hopeful she will come on her own, but if she doesn't we have decided to induce labor on Tuesday (St. Patricks Day!) I will be over 41 weeks at that point and my midwife feels that it is long enough to wait. We will let you all know if anything exciting happens in the meantime.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby update

I guess I should call it a pregnancy update since there is no baby yet. Still a lot of contractions, sometimes very consistent and timable but they always seem to just fade away. I want to say though that my "false labor" does NOT hurt. It doesn't bother me much either. I didn't practice hypnobirthing for nothing! If you relax and breathe it won't bother you at all. Anyway, I also want to say that I am not as miserable as everyone seems to think I am. I am not dying, I am pregnant. All the contractions are getting on my nerves though because it makes me excited she is coming and then I have a big let down when she doesn't follow through. I am frustrated also though, because the longer she stays in my belly, the more likely my midwife will suggest inducing labor. Since I want as natural a labor as possible, this worries me. If my baby is in some medical need or danger from being "over due" than of course I will consider my medical options. I have another appointment with my midwife tomorrow and we will see where I am at. We may have to do a non-stress test and an ultrasound to make sure she is doing ok. She is kicking around a lot so I am not too worried about her and she still plays "find my foot" with Randy, so we are enjoying her last days inside of me. I will keep you all updated as often as I can.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

40 Weeks today! nope, no baby yet

Today is my due date! Yay! that day I have been waiting for and waiting for. what do you do when it passes? I guess just moan along with the other 40% of women who go past that day. I was really excited too because last night I had contractions (really strong ones for about 4 hours) they were about 3 to 4 minutes apart and at about 4:00am. I got up and walked around to help them get stronger but when I did that, they slowly got further apart and not as strong. bummer. I really thought that was going to be it! Well, I am sure she will come when she hits 10lbs right? Maybe we will greet her for Jakey's NEXT birthday huh. (That's what Ty wants). Maybe she is supposed to come when my cankles are as big as my thighs. lol. we'll see. I'll keep you posted.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Baby is good for bowling

Our family went bowling today. Real bowling that is... none of this WII bowling stuff for us. We had a great time too. Jacob would just giggle and giggle every time he got to push the ball down the ramp. Apparently my baby bump is good for my bowling game though. I ended up bowling a 189 my highest score ever! I usually bowl around a 140 or so. Yes, I did have bumpers though so maybe it doesn't count so much. But I swear the bumpers only helped me out twice! the four strikes were all me! It was fun to get out and play instead of sitting around waiting for the baby to come. I even walked home from the bowling alley to try and "move things along" oh well. we had a great time.

Check out our scores! awesome!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby update

I said I would update after my appointment today, so I will. The news is the same though. still dilated at a one but mostly effaced. I made my appointment for a week from today. hopefully we won't have to go in that day though. Keep your fingers crossed.:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tyler says... Curious George needs to know the commandments!

Tyler told me today that "Curious George is a bad monkey and he really needs to know the commandments" he also said that the man in the yellow hat knows the commandments so he should teach George to chose the right. Wow.

This comes from a little boy who in his prayers every night says "Please bless Jakey to know the commandments and please bless me to know the commandments." I guess I should be like the man in the yellow hat and teach him eh? I'll do my best.


I guess people keep checking my blog to see if I have had the baby yet. Nope, no baby. A lot of contractions and a lot of anxiety, but no baby yet. I will definitely post as soon as I can if something does actually happen though. So for my two or three readers, I am sure that will make you happy.

My appointment with my midwife is tomorrow afternoon, so if there is anything new going on I will post after that.

Monday, March 2, 2009

post number 200!!! Happy Birthday Jacob!

We celebrated Jacob's 2nd birthday today. I can't believe my baby is two! I'm still waiting for the terrible part though. Luckily for him, it looks like he won't have to share his actual birthday with his sister after all. whew! Now she is free to come whenever she is ready. anyway, we didn't plan much because of the "maybe baby" factor. We celebrated with all his favorite foods today. We had marshmallow cereal for breakfast, mac and cheese for lunch and of course pizza for dinner. Talk about an easy boy to please! after dinner we opened presents, then we invited some neighbors over for cake and ice-cream so we wouldn't have to eat a whole cake ourselves. I think he had a pretty good birthday. Here are some pics to enjoy!The amazing glowing light toy Tyler got him. very cool

He also got a gun that shoots bubbles.
Gotta love the tool box set!
Jacob playing with his new toys (mostly tools) He loves to "fix" things around the house like daddy

His "Dog" birthday cake that I got to make Sunday night. He really liked it! luckily it tasted pretty good too.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yep, I started contracting at 4 am and they were about 4 to 6 min apart while lying in bed, then when Randy woke up, we started timing them. contractions were about 2 to 3 min apart for at least 2 hours when we left for the hospital, then on the car ride there, they just stopped. I was only dilated at a one and 70% effaced and not contracting at all anymore at the hospital (even when I literally ran around the halls), so they sent me home. yep, I'm one of THOSE girls. Oh well. I am still having contractions and they are getting stronger, but they are seemingly random at this point. It is hard to know when to leave home though, because the hospital is 45 or so minutes away and I have to have antibiotics because I tested positive for my group B strep test (which means I need to be in the hospital for roughly 5 hours to get 2 doses in). Anyway, We will keep everyone posted. Kinda sucks I know. But hopefully she still won't come on Jacob's birthday TOMORROW! cross your fingers she either comes tonight or Tuesday please.


Looks like we are headed to the hospital. I'll let you know what happens!